The Dorothy Foundation evolved to meet the needs of the dispossessed. The Foundation now has a college at Bradford village named Bradford College, a clinic, a Teaching Hospital, a home for 40 Ebola orphans merging with the boarding school (Sidcot School) and an eight-acre farm that produces cassava. With additional purchases from surrounding farmers, this adds value through its conversion into gari.

The Dorothy Foundation has opened programmes for children orphaned by the Ebola outbreak, families and communities. We provide youth and family programmes which promotes family strengthening, mental and behavioural health, parenting supports, afterschool, and youth development. We also carry out an all-inclusive farming project to help create employment while also supporting both the centre and the surrounding community. It is now becoming a beacon of hope for the Bradford Community and providing hope for Sierra Leone becoming the Province of Freedom and prosperity.

Education: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary

Due to the ten years war, Ebola and both human and natural disaster, it is no surprise that quality education is lacking in Sierra Leone. The lack of education is affecting delivery and Sierra Leone is falling behind it West Africa counterparts even though at inception it was built to be the Athens of West Africa. The Dorothy Foundation hopes therefore through it education programme to make quality education freely and accessible to all from primary to university level.Education: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary.

Children Welfare & Social Services

These target women, infants and children (WIC). Projects under this category are orphanages for children orphaned  by the Ebola outbreak and now Coronavirus pandemic, family support units (FSU), empowerment for women, housing and other programs geared towards assisting the poor, unemployed and marginalized in society. Such beneficiaries can also benefit from our medical aid, education and micro credit scheme.

    Sustainable Community Farming

    The college has purchased acres of land and growing for the building of a purpose-built school and tertiary institution and for a farm. The farm will be managed as far as possible on the principles of working with, and nurturing, nature within a closed loop system rather than through reliance on external inputs and artificial chemicals. The underlying principles will be those of the organic movement of permaculture and of no-till. The starting point for both the planning and operation of the farm will be the soil and the life that is within it, the symbiotic relationships that it has with the plants that are raised within it, and with the animals that feed the soil through their dung.  This requires the farm to be run with a rotation of root, cereal and pulse crops together with a period under pasture grazed by cows and goats.

    Ethnic & Religious Harmony

    Inter faith and inter-ethnic relation: One of the causes of the conflict in Sierra Leone is ethnicity and in the case of Rwanda this led to a genocide. In some communities it is religion that has led to issues if not addressed may lead to more serious problems.  Projects such as  Alternative To Violence and Responding to Conflict with religious groups and tribes are put into use to address conflict and to provide understanding, respect and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures in order to dispel tension and conflict arising from cultural and religious ignorance, stereotyping, and marginalization. The charity organises seminars, encourages cross religious visitation, partake in inter-faith marriages, advocate for the use of multiple religious prayers, etc.


    Ebola severely affected Sierra Leone's health infrastructure and now made worse by the COVID 19. The Dorothy Foundation therefore aims to support the rebuilding and help prevent future epidemic by working at all levels. However, at Bradford, the charity is supporting the Bradford College Sierra Leone Teaching Hospital which it hopes to become a specialised centre and to also fulfil the following objectives:


    • To provide a conducive environment for practical work experience by students of the Department of Nursing, Public Health and ultimately medical sciences.
    • To provide diversified, quality, accessible and affordable units within the hospital as they relate to general medicine, maternity, gynaecology, surgery, laboratory and dialysis tests for students and even students from health and medical departments of other interested tertiary institutions.

    Water & Sanitation

    Access to clean water and sanitation present significant problems to most communities. With the destruction or contamination of most wells, access to clear water is difficult and sanitation facilities are largely non-existent in some of these communities targeted. Our proposals for this sector include the digging of new wells and decontamination of existing ones (where possible) and the production of modern toilet facilities. Therefore the proposed activity for this sector includes the following:


    • Construction of wells
    • Treatment of wells and transforming of wells to modern wells
    • Training on purification and preservation of water
    • Training on identification of site for water wells and water level assessment
    • Fumigation and treatment of toilets
    • Construction of abattoirs

    Support Freetown Meeting for Worship

    The Freetown Meeting for worship started in 2003. We are working towards having the meeting recognises by the Friend World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) after restrictions are lifted in Sierra Leone. Contact us to learn more. Contact us to learn more.

    Support Farming Project

    We are currently developing a platform that will help the packaging of the farm produce for export to the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Contact us to learn more.

    Support Widow & Powerless Women

    Provide a microfinance loan of £100 loan to empower a widow economically, watch it grow, pass on to another to setup and collect back with a month's notice. Contact us now.